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Wine Rack

Wine Rack is a wine, champagne and spirit specialist with 29 stores.

Customers value Wine Rack’s range, the knowledge of in-store teams and their exceptional customer service. We’re continually opening new stores and our existing stores continue to grow strongly, underlining the importance of our specialist wine and spirits offer.

Our wine range grows continually, with a core range in all stores and Wine Rack’s largest ones carrying the whole range. As well as our year-round range we to keep customers excited through our rolling programme of parcel wines.

Spirits has been a key focus for Wine Rack with over 1,300 different spirits available. A big emphasis has been on gin, with more than 300 lines. All wines and spirits are on “Try Before You Buy” using the Coravin system, which means our individual stores can tailor their product ranges according to local demand and trends.




different spirits


gin lines

Our drinks range

At Wine Rack we've always prided ourselves on our range which includes interesting and unusual wines, champagnes and spirits, as well as the brands you’d expect. Our in store teams are all wine lovers who get to know their customers tastes and introduce them to new wines across the range. And each week we see new and innovative spirits, representing the best from across the UK and internationally.