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Walker & Wodehouse

Walker & Wodehouse focuses on supplying independent wine merchants and regional wholesalers with exclusive products and producers as part of an impressive wine portfolio.

One of only a handful of wine merchants to hold a Royal Warrant, Walker and Wodehouse Wines was formed in 2009 following the closure of one of England’s most famous wine companies, John Harvey & Sons. Benefitting from the 215 year legacy of its predecessor, our new company has maintained close partnerships with growers and suppliers across the world to offer outstanding quality and exclusive wines. Walker & Wodehouse sells exclusively to independent merchants and regional wholesalers across the UK.


wines exclusive to independent retailers


years trading


Royal Warrant

Our drinks range

While wine is very much our first love, we're falling in love with spirits in a big way. We have a list that features over five hundred and fifty wines as well as fifty artisan spirits and craft beers. Our range includes wine from across the world, and critically includes over one hundred and fifty wines that are exclusive to independent retailers and wholesalers in the UK. We understand the importance of exclusivity in the UK market and support our customers to give them wines that help them maintain their distinctive offer.

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